Surfing with the Lights Out

Considering the privacy violations, tracking and data theft popping up with various browser extensions, Incognito mode is an excellent solution, primarily because it disables plugins while the privacy mode is running. Many people have asked for a way to indicate that specific bookmarks should always be opened in Incognito mode. The argument against this is that it would compromise part of the privacy as someone could go through your bookmarks, see which ones are marked to always open in private mode, and therefore deduce that this is where you’re keeping your porn stash.

This is terribly short-sided on the part of the browser developers and defeats the other reason for privacy/incognito: keeping your browsing private. All too often, I remember to turn on Incognito¬†after I’ve logged in to my banking site or Amazon or even here on GPlus. A far better solution is to let me decide whether I want to incriminate myself by allowing me to choose the default behavior for something like elevated security.

So, c’mon Google (and Mozilla and Opera and Microsoft and…), help me keep safe and secure. Having an open browser that supports plugins and extensions has revolutionized how we use our browsers and what we can do with them. Now finish the deal and let me maintain a whitelist of sites that I do not want plugins to be able to interact with.

Besides, every one knows you keep your porn bookmarks listed under the “Knitting” category.